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Our interview today features Cristina Pérez Navas, a dedicated CDG mom and advocate.
Today, our interview features Julie Bonache, a CDG Mom behind the French association for CDG "Les P'tits CDG". She shares how the CDG diagnosis changes her life and explains which are advantages of belonging to a patient group.
CDG Conference Agenda
Read all about this update on the 5TH World Conference on CDG For Families and Professional which is taking place on 14-16 May in hybrid format (virtual + F2F)
Introducing our new team member Tatiana Rijoff
Join us in welcoming our new team member: Tatiana Rijoff
Paola de Haas is one of the young faces of CDG Research 👩‍🔬 at the Radboud university medical centre (Nijmegen, Netherlands). She shares that she dedicates her work to develop CDG models and study immunology in CDG.
11/11/2020 - new deadline for the 5th World Conference on CDG Agenda Survey
We have great news! We have extended the deadline for the 5th WCCDG Agenda Survey.