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Dr. Andrew Edmondson from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA, was present on the September’s PMM2-CDG Collaboration call organized by Amour Fund to share with us the latest updates about COVID-19 and the CDG experience related with this topic. The recording is now available. Check it out!
New paper about immunological involvement in CDG (Video Abstract)
Dr Belén Pérez is a researcher who is working on finding effective treatments for CDG
1st edition
This is the 1st Edition of the World CDG Organization Newsletter
New insights into immunological involvement in Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG) from a people-centric approach: A project led by CDG & Allies -PPAIN and made possible by the World #CDGCommunity
Sandro Bellinzis talks about his (and his family's) CDG journey which led up to the creation of the patient association CDG Italia