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  • What is International Day?
  • Why are the days of International Importance celebrated?
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  • What is International Day?

Each international day gives many people the chance to plan events related to the day's theme. An international day is used by organizations and offices of governments, civil society, the public and private sectors, schools, universities, and, more generally, citizens to keep raising awareness on a certain theme

  • Why are the days of International Importance celebrated?

International days are opportunities to raise awareness about important global concerns, generate support and funding to address these challenges, and celebrate and reinforce human progress.
In a world ruled by the media, there are a lot of awareness days. Something is done every day, and often more than once. They can be about absolutely anything. 
Who makes the choice? 
Usually, it is one or more Member States of the United Nations(UN) that propose these days and the General Assembly establishes them with a resolution. Sometimes, these celebrations are called by UN agencies like UNESCO, UNICEF, FAO, etc., when they are concerned with issues that fall within their areas of expertise. Some of them might be taken up by the General Assembly at a later date. 
Although, not all awareness days are set up by the UN. For example, in the case of CDG, early 2016, a doodle poll was circulated among the CDG Community and this day, May 16th, was selected to represent the World CDG Day. 
This is a global day which was launched by the Portuguese Association for CDG (APCDG) together with CDG CARE and worldwide CDG patient groups, advocates, family members, friends and professionals. The World CDG Organization (WCDGO) encourages our friends all over the world to choose their own activities and events on World CDG Day to help raise awareness of what CDG is, what it means to live with CDG, and how people with CDG deserve equal opportunities among their peers. To learn more about this day, move to About World CDG Day
Discover our World CDG Day toolkit. This toolkit provides all the information you need to prepare for awareness and media outreach activities as we build up to creating a month long calendar for raising CDG awareness through May. It outlines the overarching theme of this year’s campaign – #StandUnited4CDG – along with the supporting messages, up-to-date statistics, visuals, assets and relevant links. Visit here.

An awareness day should bring to the spotlight a topic that must be discussed and shared. These are occasions to mark particular events or topics in order to promote them through awareness and actions within the CDG's objectives.
But then, what are the most important days to bring attention to? And why should we honor them?  

The World CDG Organization has decided to participate in key awareness days that make the most sense to the community, because many of these days share transversal needs with our CDG Community. With this, we expect to increase visibility for CDG, create an impact among the general public, and raise awareness on specific themes that we share with other communities.  
Join us in our awareness efforts! You can share and comment on our campaigns by following us on social media! Like the World CDG Organization Facebook Page. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
If you want more details about these days, check the list below and you'll discover more resources and ways to spread awareness globally. 
If you want to learn more information about these days, check out our events section about awareness days.  

Which are the international days that the World CDG Organization is joining
Please note: Some organizations extend their awareness activities for the entire month instead of one single day. Like that, they amplify their voices and raise more awareness. This is the case for Rare Disease Day, which falls on the last day of February but is celebrated throughout the whole month, or even Health Literacy Day, which falls on September 8, but is usually celebrated throughout the whole month of October. 
11- International Parity at Work day 
21-National Hugging Day 
24 - International Day of Education 
28- Data Protection Day 

 4-World Cancer Day
11- International Day of Women and Girls in Science 
Third Friday of February - National caregivers' day - On National Caregivers Day we honor those who give endlessly of their own time and energy to help our loved ones live better lives. It especially applies to those caregivers who help our elderly friends, family, and neighbors who require long-term care in home care, home health, and hospice. The third Friday of February is the perfect time to show your appreciation to professional caregivers.
Last day of February - Rare Disease day - Rare Disease Day is observed every year on 28 February (or 29 in leap years)—the rarest day of the year.

8- International Women's Day ​

7- World Health Day
21- World Creativity and Innovation Day​
Last Friday of the month- Undiagnosed Day​ - Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day, which is observed every last Friday in April and aimed at raising awareness of undiagnosed genetic diseases present in children. 

16- World CDG day
20- Clinical Trials Day
28- International Day of Action for Women's Health​

9-What Matters to You Day​
14- World Blood Donor Day
28-International Neonatal Screening Day​

19- World Humanitarian Day

1- Patient engagement day​
5- International Day of Charity​
8- International Literacy Day
17- World Patient Safety Day
28- International Day for Universal Access to Information ​

10- World Mental Health Day ​

20- World children day 

3- International Day of Persons with Disabilities 
10- Human Rights Day 
12- International Universal Health Coverage Day  ​
20- International Human Solidarity Day 

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