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How can you help our CDG community? It is easy! Share among your social media and other channels the information we make available within this section and website. This raises awareness, accelerates diagnosis, and secures better care and management for our CDG children and adults!

What is Ask Me Anything (AMA)? 
Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions are opportunities for you to meet and interact with special CDG guests such as researchers, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and more. During these sessions, guests will answer live any questions that you have for them about their work, areas of expertise, and anything in between.  The Ask Me Anything series provides you with an opportunity to increase your knowledge about CDG. The series also provides an opportunity for you to know that you aren’t alone! The objective by shining this light is to continually increase the support to our community and move forward towards a culture of inclusivity and a sense of belonging.

Who can attend? All sessions are intended for people living with CDG, family members and caregivers.

How is Ask Me Anything held? Ask Me Anything will be held in the form of a virtual webinar using the Zoom Application. The host is in charge of facilitating the technology used. The moderator or session leader is responsible for coordinating each session and facilitating the question-and-answer session. 
All meeting Ids, passwords, and technical meeting schedules are sent to attendee’s emails. If you have questions write us.

When is taking place Ask Me Anything? Check the calendar below: 


WhenPlaceWho accepted the challenge?
25 November 13:30-14:30 GMTOnlinePf Jaak Jaeken


WhenPlaceWho accepted the challenge?
27 January 13:30-14:30 GMTOnlinePf Jaak Jaeken
24 March 13:30-14:30 GMTOnlinePf Jaak Jaeken
23 September 13:30-14:30 GMTOnlineTo be confirmed


Ask Me Anything: Meet prominent researchers, leaders, innovators & more, and ask them anything!

Ask Me Anything Registration Form

One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals." by Jean Vanier.

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