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How can you help our CDG community? Is easy! Share among your social media and other channels the information we make available within this section and website. This raises awareness, accelerates diagnosis, and secures better care and management for our CDG children and adults!

About World Conference on CDG (WCCDG)

This year's theme is “Building a collaborative, community-centric strategy to boost drug development for all CDGs”! and includes novelties like the “World CDG Advocacy and Leadership Academy” and the “World Think Metabolic, Think CDG Academy”! Stay tuned!

The 6th World Conference on CDG, taking place in Caparica, Portugal, at NOVA School of Science and Technology, FCT NOVA, will be the largest, ever global gathering of People Living with CDG (PLwCDG), caregivers, healthcare professionals, and the pharmaceutical industry. It is the most complete and resourceful international conference focused entirely on CDG. The content is delivered in a patient-friendly language that non-specialist audiences can understand. The ultimate goal is to help people to engage with clinicians and researchers more effectively and participate actively in their healthcare decisions.

Every two years, the number of participants grows. In 2023 we expect nearly 500 families and professionals from around the world to gather at our World Conference on CDG to learn the newest advances dedicated to CDG. They also gather for support, strength, hope, and friendship. 

Families and professionals will share their perspectives, experiences, and best practices in every session. Also, the majority of sessions address all CDGs. And in many cases, the knowledge of one CDG type may be of help to many other types. 

Registrations for the 2023 World Conference on CDG will open from January to April 2023. 

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The 6th World Conference on CDG includes novelties aimed at securing global participation, thanks to 3 educational tracks:

  • The "World Think Metabolic, Think CDG Academy”, composed of virtual pre-conference workshops delivered in english. It is intended for people living with CDG, their family members, academia, medical doctors, and the industry. It aims to provide CDG stakeholders with the knowledge and skills needed to become CDG research and drug development experts.It will be of great help to navigate along the overall sessions that will be delivered during the  6th World Conference on CDG. 
  • The “World CDG Advocacy and Leadership Academy” offers in-person sessions in Caparica, Portugal, at NOVA School of Science and Technology, FCT NOVA. It is tailored for leaders of CDG patient groups and their advocates and helps our CDG Organizations and representatives to be successful advocates.
  • And the “6th World Conference on CDG” offers in-person sessions in Caparica, Portugal, at NOVA School of Science and Technology, FCT NOVA. It is intended for all CDG community. As simultaneous translation comes with a high additional cost, CDG and Allies will evaluate whispering translation if around a minimum number of people share the same language. Registrants cannot expect their preferred language to be added until CDG and Allies officially announce this. 

To learn about “World CDG Advocacy and Leadership Academy” and the “World Think Metabolic, Think CDG Academy” visit here. IMPORTANT: The organisers are assessing ways to secure accreditation for those participating at the “World Think Metabolic, Think CDG Academy”.  We will inform you. If you have questions, write us.

Don’t forget this is your chance to gain direct access to the people fighting daily for children and adults like yours. Perhaps, most importantly, it is your occasion to meet, exchange and reunite with families on a similar journey as you. There is incredible power and strength in connecting. 

Visit the different web pages prepared to give you an overview devoted to this event.


One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.
by Jean Vanier

Why should I attend?

This event fosters and strengthens community-centric activities and programs that empower all stakeholders to promote and speed up CDG drug development with a collaborative spirit. The Conference aspires to build a collaborative research and drug development agenda strategy to help CDG families and professionals accomplish meaningful goals. 

By attending this event, you will 

  • Have the opportunity to have direct contact, establish dialogue and engage in meaningful discussions with CDG experts (families and professionals)
  • Boost your knowledge and information exchange, contributing to your empowerment
  • Gaining insight into breakthroughs and state-of-the-art data related to the CDG field
  • Enable increase network, by forging partnerships with stakeholders
  • Have the chance to be motivated and inspired by brave people
  • Shape basic and applied research based on CDG community concerns and needs
  • Identify and assess CDG unmet needs and urgent challenges
  • Attend presentations given by international and highly qualified CDG professionals
  • Raise awareness for CDG at a global level
  • Foment global CDG community union and companionship  
  • Promote of translational research

Recent research by CDG and Allies revealed that CDG families face disparities in diagnosis, care, access to information, and therapies due to funding, ethical, and legislative difficulties. Overall findings suggest establishing and strengthening a community-centric strategy for CDG drug development that supports active engagement from all stakeholders. 

Who will be there?

The panelist is formed by families and professionals from many different countries.  To find out more about the panelist, head to the section dedicated to the Program.  

Initiated and organised by 

The Portuguese Association for CDG (APCDG) and CDG & Allies. In partnership with our CDG community. With the generous support of donors. To discover more, head to the Support section of this website. 

CDG & Allies PPAIN is the community-centric international research network for CDG based at   NOVA School of Science and Technology, FCT NOVA. For more information, visit here.  

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Marisa Godinho (collaborator at CDG & Allies FCT, NOVA University). 


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