CDG: A Community of Hope starring Dr Andrew Edmondson

💚CDG: A Community of HOPE!💚

We are 🔙 and we couldn't be happier to kick off with an outstanding #CDGProfessional:

-> Dr Andrew Edmondson👨‍⚕️

Dr Edmondson is full-heartedly committed to his #CDG patients and our 🌍 #CDGCommunity

He has even recently co-discovered a new CDG type: GALNT2-CDG.

More information about this new CDG can be found at

He gives us HOPE!💚

#CDGCommunity #CDGDiversity #RareNotAlone


Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG) are caused by defects in the cellular machinery responsible for making and altering sugars and attaching them to proteins and lipids. There are over 140 different CDG types.

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