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The World CDG Magazine, centralizes information in lay language about topics considered of interest to our community.

Among the topics in this issue, you will find:

  • News from the CDG Patient Groups around the world
  • News from the CDG Ambassadors Powerful free educational resources for our CDG community (families and professionals)
  • Exciting peer-to-peer support activities like the “Ask Me Anything” 
  • Amazing news about care and management
  • Advances in advocacy and policy that impact CDG 
  • News from the industry and CDG research networks 
  • Recent published Biomedical publications 
  • Current clinical trials Updates about events and trainings to upskill our CDG community 
  • Let’s embrace relevant rare disease days that raise awareness for CDG
  • Getting ready to celebrate the World CDG Awareness Day
  • Announcements related to “World Think Metabolic, Think CDG Academy”, “World CDG Advocacy and Leadership Academy” and “6th World Conference on CDG”

World CDG Magazine January 2023, Issue 1/2023

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