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Merell Liddle an amazing CDG Mom and advocate tells her about her CDG journey
Dr Mercedes Serrano tells us about her hopes and ideas for/on CDG diagnosis and therapies
World Conference on CDG logo
The 5th World Conference on CDG for families and professionals is coming back to Portugal on 14-16th May 2021. Mark it on your calendar now and don't miss it!
Barbara Vulso is a fierce CDG Mom and Patient Advocate.
The campaign đź’šCDG: A Community of HOPEđź’š returns with Dr Andrew Edmondson.
Mechanism of action of proteostasis activators
The research group U746 CIBERER from the Madrid and led by Dr. Belén Pérez just published very promising results regarding a possible therapeutic strategy for PMM2-CDG. Dr. Bélen's team evaluated the effect of proteostasis regulators in the stability and activity of several variants of PMM2 and showed their potential to rescue the PMM2 defect.