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Turn your event into hope for CDG lives

Donating your special event, means asking for donations for a cause instead of gifts.

YOU have the opportunity to create fun and creative events - all to raise money to give hope for those living with CDG.
Example of celebrations, include:

  • Anniversary
  • Birth of a child
  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • House warning party
  • Wedding
  • Any occasion or accomplishment

Toolkit to invite friends and family to give a gift of support to the CDG cause in your honour.

Follow these three easy steps!

  1. Write a message to your family and friends to tell them about your wish. (Just copy and paste!)

    Hi <name> . This year, I want to celebrate my <celebration> in a new way! Instead of getting me a present, would you consider giving a donation towards the World CDG Organization (WCDGO) cause?  WCDGO dream is a world where CDG children and adults have the same opportunities and choices than their peers, and I want to contribute to their impact! You can find out more on the WCDGO Website and make a donation.

  2. Share on social media.

    Don’t forget to follow World CDG Organization on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Tell your friends to Follow us and share. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and invite your friends to subscribe it also.

  3. Celebrate your impact

    You gave up your celebrations gifts to give CDG hope for a brighter future. Now celebrate it! We’ll send you details on exactly how your friends' donations made a difference. You can share this with your family and friends.

It's simple. Instead of gifts, ask for a donation.  And Happy Celebration to you!

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”
by Helen Keller

To find out more about how your support acelerates achieving our outcomes, head to the different sections of our website.

Finding a powerful CDG community is just a click away. Join us.

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