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We are a community united to change lives. To give hope. To inspire.

YOU have a powerful story to share.

Please help build our inspiring collection of stories by sharing some aspects of your journey that you think can help other families.

There are no rules or requirements for your story.

Submission guidelines to share your story

  • Anonymity: Your submission can be anonymous, if you wish.
  • Length: a maximum of 800 words and 5 minutes to read aloud.
  • Language: We invite you to write your story in the language of your heart and if that language is not English, we may have your story translated. If we do, both versions of your story will appear on the site, the original story and the translation. If you prefer to translate the story yourself, that would be wonderful (but it is not required).
  • Dedication: You may choose to dedicate your story to someone who has inspired you or touched your life.