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5th World Conference on CDG

The theme of this edition of the conference is #StandUnited4CDG Patient Centric approach that drives CDG therapeutic development:

Impossible, Is Possible!

Themes that will be addressed:

  1. Actions to boost CDG research and drug development
  2. CDG Classification and Diagnosis: present, needs and solutions.
  3. Well-being and resilience skills for CDG families and professionals.
  4. CDG research and drug development: updates, challenges and solutions.
  5. Tools to make CDG therapies an approved reality
  6. How new technologies and tools can boost CDG basic research and therapies.
  7. CDG child, teen and adult care and management
  8. The impact of COVID-19 on CDG, as well as the opportunities embraced, notably the use of digital health to improve diagnosis, treatment, navigation and care coordination, and integration and coordination for broader societal and patient wellbeing.
  9. World CDG patient Community – Why, What and How from stakeholders views and experiences. 
  10. Blue sky is the limit: looking ahead for CDG.

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