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The World CDG Organization, the international patient-led CDG & Allies -PPAIN research network and the Portuguese Association for CDG are happy to announce the opening of TWO NEW research projects: 1. The development of a quality of life tool, and; 2. The assessment of vaccination and/or infection-related coping skills and actions among a rare disease community.
Immunology Involvement in research
Research projects that empower, make a difference in and strive to improve the quality of life of CDG children and adults
Maurizio Scarpa is the coordinator of the European Reference Network for Hereditary Metabolic Diseases (MetabERN) which has a working group dedicated to CDG.
There is an artist inside everyone of us. We would like to know our CDG Community artists.
Join our CDG Art Project and send us your drawings. We will turn them into postcards for our Xmas Campaign.
Research papers featuring clinical management guidelines for PMM2-CDG, MPI-CDG and PGM1-CDG
Clinical management guidelines are vital for fast symptom assessment and amelioration. At the moment there are published guidelines for 3 CDGs: PMM2-CDG, MPI-CDG and PGM1-CDG.
CDG Virtual Coffees
CDG Virtual Coffees are a virtual platform where relevant topics for CDG will be shared and discussed.