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Coaching for CDG Families

We launch today free coaching sessions in Portuguese, Spanish and English for CDG families
since we know how hard is facing a diagnosis like CDG and its daily challenges.

How to sign up?

So, we hope you are excited by what this might mean for you!
If you are interested in being considered for this coaching opportunity, noting that they are small in number and only available for a limited time, please fulfil the form below:

Form ( * Mandatory fields):


Please feel free to share with those among the CDG family community, who you think might benefit from this opportunity.

Why coaching? Coaching can be an incredible support as we move through times of change and make a path to those goals that are in our heart. Especially those long-term wishes we
have held very close.

What we are offering is:

  •  a coaching series of 5 sessions over a 2-month period on areas that are important to you and your life path;
  • a 30-minute consultation upfront to start the process to identify areas of possible focus to ensure maximum value from our sessions. You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire prior to this first discussion.

In return, and in lieu of any monetary exchange for this pro bono coaching series offering, you need to provide a (glowing) testimonial of your coaching series!