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CDG Infographics

Use our infographics to help raise awareness of CDG, its signs and symptoms, and the importance of CDG care and management. Our infographics are available in several languages!

Steps to plan your CDG Infographics event

Steps to share, expose and present the CDG infographics within local schools, medical institutions, research centres or your workplace.

  1. Speak with the target institution about allowing you a place to share the infographics or schedule a designated time slot to share(for example, during the class’s schedule,  breakfast or lunch time).
  2. Post your event! Help us cover the World CDG Awareness Day map, send the details to us by completing the event form below and we will post it on our website HERE.
  3. Download and print our infographics to be shared with your  target audience (see table below). This patient-friendly material can be directed to families, professionals and your broader community. It is publicly available for immediate printing. If you need help please contact us.
  4. Take pictures and share a recap of your event by tagging your posts with #WorldCDGDay #CDGFairyTale and tag @WorldCDGOrganization at facebook or @WorldCDG in Twitter, so we can feature it as well.
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Click on the pictures for downloading:

What is CDG Image
CDG Diagnostic Roadmap Image





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