Our team is growing | Introducing Tatiana Rijoff

Introducing our new team member Tatiana Rijoff

 Let me introduce myself by saying that I am the mother of Camilla who was born in 2013 suffering from PMM2-CDG, and Gaia who was born in 2016. We live in Geneva where I worked for CERN between the years of 2011 and 2018.

 I am an eclectic person that has always cultivated different passions and roles at the same time. My ongoing  studies in Physics led me to CERN while simultaneously working full time in IT, all enriched by the surroundings of an international environment. I also speak Italian, French and English.

 Camilla's condition led me to cultivate yet a new passion: bioinformatics. As a person who loves to make a difference and contribute as much as possible for the betterment of the world, I think that being a bioinformatician in the CDG community helps me to do my bit. I also founded the CDG Swiss Association for which I’ve raised funds by writing two children's stories: “Camilla’s story” and “Camilla and the Muddle-Headed Magician”.

 I feel the CDG community to be, more than any other, a close community that truly fosters the sharing of goals, problems and successes and, although spread throughout the world, we are close in spirit.

We are thrilled to have Tatiana as our new team member and we are sure your work will make a significant impact on the CDG Community. 

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