CDG Conference accounting with the presence of more than 400 registered participants

World Conference CDG

The Portuguese Association of Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation and Other Rare Metabolic Diseases (APCDG), together with the CDG & Allies Professionals and Patient Associations International Research Network (CDG & Allies - PPAIN)  are promoting the 5th World Conference on Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG), in a digital format from May 13th to 16th, next week. This event is considered the largest event on CDG worldwide, where currently more than 400 participants have registered, including families, professionals and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry.

"The event will be centred on the needs of people living with CDG and their families. Proof of this are the various panel discussions that will take place during the four days of the event. These panels include CDG families, researchers, doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. The organizing body aims to leverage dialogue between these relevant stakeholders. Collectively, they will identify solutions towards answering the needs of families and professionals themselves," says Paula Videira, co-founder and researcher of the CDG & Allies PPAIN network.

As it was stated previously, this initiative aims to identify the primary needs and challenges that CDG families and professionals face nowadays. Moreover, it also intends to address the latest innovations in the field in order to provide adaptive solutions to people living with CDG. The conference will involve the participation of around 120 international speakers from various parts of the world.

Among the various topics that will be addressed in the congress, the results of the international study "CDG Journey Mapping" are one the most highlighted that is being conducted by CDG & Allies - PPAIN. This study aims to classify, identify while searching for solutions for CDG people and families; as well as an overview of dietary and non-dietary supplementation approaches currently under development and clinical trials underway.

Vanessa Ferreira, founder of APCDG and co-founder and investigator of the CDG & Allies research network - PPAIN, adds: "We were scheduling the Conference to take place in a hybrid format. However, due to the pandemic, we decided to secure the digital format.  Thus ensuring the safety of all and guaranteeing that independently of current circumstances, our CDG community can easily get in touch".

"The Conference is much more than an event, it is the sharing of experiences. For many families, it is the light at the end of the tunnel due to the ongoing circumstances in which families and professionals feel alone and isolated. It is also the only event that offers a concrete response to the needs, because of its scope and multidisciplinary", concludes Carlota Pascoal, researcher at CDG & Allies - PPAIN and volunteer at APCDG.

For this congress, 50 posters applied, all of which were considered for Electronic Display. 25 were selected for short oral presentations, and others, due to their relevance, were selected for lectures. 

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