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World CDG Day Frame Your Photo


Frame Your Photo

By following these few steps, you can create a framed picture similar to the one below to share your support for CDG and the #CDGMosaic!


By submitting your photo, you agree to our use of it in creating  your CDG frame and the #CDGMosaic (this one is planned to be unravelled May 16, 2021 during the World CDG Awareness day celebrations).

It only takes a few steps to make your voice heard:

  1. SELECT PHOTO and press UPLOAD
    Works better with a landscape picture.
  2. View the frame and press NEXT (wait few seconds)
  3. View the preview and press SAVE IMAGE
  4.  You can now post your new framed photo on social media and we encourage you to tag your posts with
    #WorldCDGDay    #StandUnited4CDG    #CDGFrame
    and tag @WorldCDGOrganization on facebook
    or @WorldCDG on Twitter
  5. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter



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