Plan Events

Organizing an event is an effective and enjoyable way to ensure that World CDG Awareness Day and its global messages reach as many people as possible. Since 2016 over 300 events have taken place worldwide, bringing thousands of people together to raise awareness about Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG).

Events ideas

Organizing events are effective and popular ways to raise awareness. To get you started, we have suggested below a range of event ideas for you to use or adapt for your country/activity:

Post your event

Help us cover the World CDG Awareness Day map, send us the details of your eventby completing the event form available HERE.

You may wish to organize one event or a series of related events in the days or weeks leading up to, or on, World CDG Awareness Day to help with the following:

  • Secure media coverage
  • Create awareness among the general public, media and politicians
  • Build support for World CDG Awareness Day, your organization and the campaign
  • Engage politicians by offering them a platform to promote their own activity

Always think about the media

The media are key to promoting World CDG Awareness Day. Ways in which you can encourage the media to attend include:

  • Inviting journalists to take part; target them as soon as the event is organized
  • Get photographers on board or set up a photo opportunity for journalists; ensure that they have a picture to accompany their story
  • Encourage local radio and TV stations to come and cover events; local news programs may be particularly interested if you have local celebrities on board and local medical professionals or case studies available for interviews
  • Issue press releases announcing your event; let them know what will be happening and who is involved
  • A good way of grabbing the media’s attention is by doing something newsworthy: either spectacular or shocking or both; announcing new information; or by recruiting local celebrities to come along

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